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Our Land Trust Alliance
Accreditation Journey

We proudly announce that on February 27, 2019 Cardinal Land Conservancy became the fifth accredited land trust in Ohio. The Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission works with land trusts across the country to establish standards of excellence, ensuring permanence in the conservation of American lands. This follows a year of diligent effort by our Board and Staff, and years of support from our members, who have helped make us the organization we are today.

"Accreditation is about assuring that our work can live up to the lofty goal of conservation in perpetuity. We find it easier to fully grasp the meaning of perpetuity when we see the excitement of children visiting our preserves. Thinking about the impact these places will have on their lives, that will then be passed on from generation to generation, we can’t help but be inspired to strive to do more — and do it well."

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