Three become one strong voice 

Three Southwest Ohio land trusts are merged into one:

  • The Land Conservancy of Hamilton County, Ohio

  • Clinton County Open Lands, Inc.

  • Southern Ohio Farmland Preservation Association

Strategic Conservation Partner:

  • Cincinnati Nature Center



Manage Your Yard for Flying Dragons!

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Click to download latest Conservator Newsletter


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Conservation with Distinction

We proudly announce that on February 27, 2019 the Land Trust Accreditation Commission Accredited the Cardinal Land Conservancy. Accreditation is a program promoting national quality standards for ensuring permanence in the conservation of American lands. This follows a year of diligent effort by our Board and Staff.

“Accreditation is about assuring our work can live up to the lofty goal of conservation in perpetuity. We find it easier to fully grasp the meaning of perpetuity when we see the excitement of children visiting our preserves. Thinking about the impact these places will have on their lives, that will then be passed on from generation to generation, we can’t help but be inspired to strive to do more — and do it well.” Peter D. Ter Louw, Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy

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Lands we protect

Cardinal holds and stewards conservation easements that protect almost 5,000 acres of family-owned scenic lands, natural areas and farmland. these protected lands include parcels of all sizes — a scenic acre in a city neighborhood, 4.5 acres of habitat in a suburb, 41 wooded acres in a semi-rural area, hundreds of acres of farmland in rural areas, and many more protected lands. Six nature preserves are also under our care.

Conserved land benefits everyone

Conserved lands are an ongoing gift to the people of Southwest Ohio. Land provides resources that help to protect our health and well-being, preserve or natural heritage, enhance our property values — and sustain our quality of life.

How Cardinal helps landowners

Ohio landowners have the right to determine today what happens to their land in the future. They can legally preserve their land to protect its natural, scenic, agricultural, historic or recreational values for all time.

Cardinal offers voluntary land protection options — including the conservation easement for those who want to preserve their land while continuing to own it. And, we provide access to state and federal easement and land purchase programs. In addition, Cardinal purchases land and accepts gifts of land to protect as nature preserves.

We live in a beautiful place! The counties of Southwest Ohio are blessed with defining hills, valleys, rivers and streams. Greenspace abounds in our city and suburban neighborhoods, and working farms thrive in still-rural areas.

Yet many communities are concerned about losing their valued natural places. Sadly, many family owned lands have been lost to development.

In response, Cardinal Land Conservancy works to protect our great land heritage so it will continue to provide life-sustaining natural benefits, now and for generations to come.

Conserving land where we live

Cardinal Land Conservancy is a land trust with a proven track record. we are a member-supported nonprofit organization that works for the benefit of all who live here.

Our mission is to conserve land and water resources in our 7-county working area. We are among active land trusts in Ohio and across the nation that work for land conservation and responsible land use.

Working together

To become Cardinal Land Conservancy, three area land trusts — The Land Conservancy of Hamilton County, Clinton County Open Lands and Southern Ohio Farmland Preservation — merged and formed a partnership with Cincinnati nature Center. We put down roots by securing permanent office space at Arrowhead Farm in Milford.


Land Preservation

The Land Conservancy holds many conservation easements and nature sanctuaries.


Determine today what happens to your land in the future. 


Joining CLC may be the best investment in your future you will ever make.