Eagle Camera 2023 Results

Eagle Camera 2023 Results

We are excited to kick off a new year with Bonnie & Clyde and plan to capture and share their 2023 journey! 

Egg Watch

February 12th: Bonnie & Clyde prepare the nest, followed by Bonnie laying Egg #1!
February 13th: Egg #2 arrived at 3:30pm!
February 16th: Egg #3 completes the clutch at 6:00pm!
March 19th: Egg #1 hatched!
March 22nd: Egg #2 hatched!
March 25th: Egg #3 hatched!
March-April: All three eaglets continue to change and grow!

April 22nd: The eaglets receive their names! In order of age/size the eaglets have been named Obi, Ann, and Amelia. 

We have names for Bonnie and Clyde’s eaglets!
Bonnie and Clyde’s eaglets will now officially be known as Obi, Ann, and Amelia!
Obi in honor of the FC Cincinnati soccer player Obinna Nwobodo. Originally from Nigeria, Obi has been gaining attention for his impressive athleticism since childhood and is quickly becoming a key player at FCC. Fun fact: The Nigerian national soccer team is lovingly nicknamed the Super Eagles.
Ann in honor of Ann Gatch, a Cincinnati native who had a passion for the arts and environment. Ann was also a member of WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) for the U.S. Navy during World War II. She helped pilots learn flying techniques to be used at night and in bad weather.
Amelia in honor of the famous female pilot and author, Amelia Earhart.

June 7th : Obi was knocked from the nest and successfully fledged from the ground.

June 8th: Ann fledged from the nest.

June 11th: Obi and Ann visited the nest a few days after fledging.

Unfortunately, Amelia’s fledge date is unknown due to a loss of streaming service.

To all our Cam Keepers, thank you for your role in supporting the Eagle Cam as a sponsor. Your donations will help us continue operating and maintaining the Eagle Cam so that others can enjoy watching these beautiful birds. We also want to thank every single supporter, sponsor or not, for sharing the Eagle Cam with their friends and family. Bonnie and Clyde have supporters across the globe (seriously!) because of you. 


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