Cardinal Preserves

Cardinal Preserves

What is a nature preserve?

A nature preserve is a protected area of importance for flora, fauna, or features of geological or other special interest, which is reserved and managed for purposes of conservation and/or to provide special opportunities for study or research. They may be designated by government institutions or by private landowners to non-profit organizations like Cardinal Conservancy.

Cardinal holds the title to 7 nature preserves.

Preserve Profiles

Below are some of Cardinal’s preserves and some interesting facts about each of them! For more information about any of them, or to inquire about events on these preserves, contact Anna at .

Little Miami Preserve

Hamilton County

This 119-acre preserve offers respite in deep and cool woods, as well as views of the wide Ohio and of the Little Miami’s emerald shores. Over the coming months, guideposts, a kiosk, and a 1.8 mile trail loop will be built with help from Cardinal volunteers. The diversity of this land contributes to its appeal for wildlife, as well as humans. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources determined that this land is likely the home of the endangered Indiana Bat, as well as several endangered species of mussels, but they are not alone. Overlooking the confluence these two great rivers is the nest of an American Bald Eagle, atop a towering cottonwood tree.

Rinsky Woods

Clermont County

There are few woods like this in the world. Those that exist are found only in southwest Ohio and Southeast Indiana. Rinksy Woods is the second largest woods of this kind in the world– in fact, it has been designated as an Ohio Natural Landmark by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. These wet flatwoods are adjacent to Stonelick State Park, adding to an admirable stretch of greenspace in the area.

Todd's Fork Preserve

Clinton County

Native prairies give way to a hundred+ acre woods, Todd’s Fork of the Little Miami River, running through it all. Cardinal has several stewardship projects ongoing, here, including maintenance of the prairie, which is burnt to discourage unwanted invasive plants on an annual basis.

Hunter Glen Preserve

Clinton County

The last remaining wooded area in the small Wilmington-area neighborhood of Highland Addition, Hunter Glen features maturing woods and a streams which run into Lytle Creek. The preservation of this place serves to prevent erosion and improve stream water quality, but it is also a testament to the power of volunteerism. The preserve is named for Bud Hunter, who maintained the preserve for years.

Styer Preserve

Hamilton County

A small gem near the White Water River. The preserve sits on a wooded ridge with varied flora, ephemeral wetlands, and patches of old growth woods. The understory provides an ideal sanctuary for birds and wildlife in landscape that is mostly residential.

Kope Nature Preserve

Brown County

In Southeast Brown County, the Kope formation (a bedrock formation unique to southern Ohio and Indiana) runs through incredibly diverse woods. A recent native plant survey listed over 100 native species. This property is also graced with five waterfalls, contributing to Roup’s Run, which flows into the Ohio River just beyond the bounds of the property.

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