Bringing Life Back to Bahr's Pond

July 5th, 2022 - Nick Hartley, Bahr Farm Manager

Nature has an incredible ability to seize opportunities when they present themselves.

When Cardinal took possession of the Bahr Farm early 2021, the pond that had taught generations of locals how to fish had fallen into disrepair. The only life in the pond was algae, duckweed, and two snapping turtles that was found only after the pond had been emptied.

By August of 2021 the pond was completely empty and ready for a fresh start. Our team added habitats made of brush and rocks to the bottom in preparation for fish in the Spring. Remarkably, as the pond gradually filled, life slowly found its way to it. Geese and ducks were the first to arrive in winter as a quiet spot to relax during migration.

Now, with the pond full and stocked with fish, sights and sounds not seen or heard in some time have returned to the Bahr Farm. A great blue heron frequently stalks the shore looking for prey. Kingfishers dive into the water hoping to catch a meal while barn swallows skim the water’s surface for a drink. The spring mating calls of red-wing blackbirds fill the air as males spar for prime nesting spots. Even the snapping turtle returned whose shadowy figure will occasionally rise to the surface for air.

It isn’t magic that made this happen - when habitats are provided and the lands we love are protected, nature will do the rest.


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