Cardinal Land Conservancy preserves natural lands and working farms in southwest Ohio. We fill the need for a regional organization that is dedicated to land conservation. CLC advises landowners about the variety of ways available to preserve their lands, and helps them achieve their conservation goals.

CLC (1) accepts donations of conservation easements from landowners, (2) accepts gifts of land and (3) purchases land.


In 2015, after working together for more than a year, three land trusts merged to become one: Cardinal Land Conservancy—one strong regional land trust that works in seven southwest Ohio counties to preserve quality of life in the places you love. The merger integrates our respective assets, expertise, connections and good will for greater reach and effectiveness. This model of expansion and merger of land trusts is successful in northeast Ohio, southern Indiana and throughout the country.

Three Southwest Ohio land trusts become one:
The Land Conservancy of Hamilton County, Ohio
Clinton County Open Lands, Inc.
Southern Ohio Farmland Preservation Association
Strategic Conservation Partner: Cincinnati Nature Center

(Photo: Provided by Stan Lockwood)

What is a Land Trust? Our organization is known as a land trust, a historical term used to describe more than 1200 organizations in the U.S. that work to preserve land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historic or agricultural value. For more information about the benefits of land conservation, Check out this Land Trust Alliance article.

Using a variety of land protection tools — including the Conservation Easement — land trusts work closely with landowners who wish to legally preserve their lands. Other conservation options offered include Land Donation, and Bargain/Conservation Sale of Land.

More about Cardinal: We are a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt conservation organization, incorporated in September 1999 under the laws of the state of Ohio. Cardinal is a member of the national Land Trust Alliance (LTA), and Coalition of Ohio Land Trusts (COLT). Cardinal earned LTA accreditation in 2019 and uses LTA’s “Land Trust Standards and Practices” to guide our work as we grow.



Our Annual reports give you a snapshot of what we are working on and how we are doing financially. For the most up-to-date annual reports, join us for our annual meeting!

2017 Annual Report

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